An endorsement for jack

Despite being born in Los Angeles, Jack is a country boy at heart. He grew up in Lexington and currently resides in his hometown. His passion and love for this community are deep-seated and heartfelt. Jack expresses this love through his own small business, Grow Lex, which he founded when he was only 21 years old. 

A Lafayette High graduate, Jack pursued a college degree but after 20 minutes in a classroom, he knew he needed to be outside. He wanted to get his hands dirty. Grow Lex has enabled Jack to do what he loves – work hard outside and support himself. 

Even though he started with only a Toyota Camry and a small trailer, hours of hard work have afforded him some success as a small business owner. Jack’s humble beginnings contribute to his respect for hard work and a job well done.

Clients are impressed with Jack’s maturity, responsibility and his friendly, easy-going personality. Jack aims to please and always puts the customer and his community first.

Even though Jack owns the company, you can still find him out in the field with a shovel in his hand and dirt under his nails. During this interview, Jack said, “If I am not working I better be with my family.” That says a lot about Jack and his values.